Red Clover and Cancer - What Are The Myths?

Just about everyone you talk to nowadays would agree that in order for cancer to ever be defeated there needs to be a radical change in our thinking.

One way to start is to learn more about herbal medicine, particularly the effects of red clover on cancer.
 We must move on from intervention in the latter stages of cancer (the progression stage), to prevention which can be most beneficial in the promotion (2nd) stage.

During the promotion stage, there is a 'struggle' between 'cancer promoters' and 'anti-cancer promoters.' Nutrients are contained in the 'cancer promoters'.

 Find out what they are so that you can ensure that you have more 'anti-cancer promoters' in your body than 'cancer promoters' and in that way neutralize the promotion of cancer.

This process can be summed up in one word - Prevention.

'Cancer promoters' are substances that trigger the development of the cancer process - the clumping of cells which can become tumors.

They Are Different From Carcinogens

Carcinogens are chemical substances which surround us every day.

 They are an inescapable part of our daily lives and are found in everything from furniture and carpeting, to processed foods.

Carcinogens are indeed dangerous, and you should take care to expose yourself to them as little as possible, but by themselves they do not cause cancerous tumors.

It is the 'cancer promoters' which are the main factor in determining who gets cancer.  And that's what it's hoped red clover will help deal with in cancer.

What Exactly Are 'Cancer-Promoters?

For many people who've never heard of them before, that's a really good question.
 The answer is, they are substances in our diets that can cause carcinogen-damaged cells to become active and begin to grow.

Without the cancer promoters to give them the boost they need, the mutated cells would probably remain inactive or dormant.


Meat lovers beware, this is a tough one.

 The main substance which seems to be the culprit is protein. Yes good old protein.

In tests that have been done there was a definite link between higher levels of protein consumption in humans and cancer.

Of course this information can throw you for a loop and be pretty scary if you eat a lot of protein daily, or drink milk or consume a substantial amount of other dairy foods!

But instead of getting upset and banning eggs and red meat from your life permanently, just make an attempt to change your lifestyle and eliminate some of the protein from your life.

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