Are There Herbs That Cure Cancer

 Herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of health problems, some of which include but are not limited to, allergies, high blood pressure, skin problems and even cancer.
However, with modern medicine today, some wonder, what herbs to cure cancer really exist?The fact is that nearly sixty-two percent of all chemotherapy drugs are made from natural products. In addition, plants specifically, were the basis for almost all new class of drugs. 
To use herbs to cure cancer, in addition to allopathic treatment, known as complementary therapy.
You do not have to rely on herbs to heal, but you can add the natural defenses of their fight against the disease.So how do you find the herbs that cure cancer? Not a good idea to do it yourself. 
You will need to consult a certified or you can visit a naturopathic doctor herbalist. Herbs should not be limited to cure cancer because they can be used for many other health problems as well.
Take what you have learned from your health care professional to do research online, visit a store or herbal health food store or vitamin to find the herbs you need.Traditional Chinese medicine has brought us many herbs that cure cancer.
This ancient form of medicine, acquire knowledge of different types of herbs. 
A plant that has anticancer properties and the ability to improve your immune system is called Coriolis versicolor. He is best known as the top mushroom turkey.
This plant not only been used for thousands of years, has also been the subject of more than four hundred scientific studies to investigate its effectiveness in the fight against cancer.
Many of those taking chemotherapy drugs include the ability of the plant to stimulate the immune system particularly important.Another herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine known as cordyceps mycelium.
This plant is certainly a plant that cures cancer is unknown at present.
However, some researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer that he could. According to scientific studies, this plant has shown good results in the fight against cancer of the stomach, breast, colon and hepatoma.Because herbs have been used for thousands of years to fight against various health problems, why could not have herbs that cure cancer? Many cancer patients proclaim the positive effects of herbs on your cancer.When herbs are used in the care and knowledge of different doctors, including her oncologist, you get an additional boost that only modern medicine can not give.
Do not forget to take herbs or other natural treatments without consulting your doctor, especially if you are taking chemotherapy.  
As mentioned above, many natural herbs used in the manufacture of chemotherapy drugs.
 And the bad combination of herbs can be as damaging as the right combination of herbs may be helpful.

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